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Restoring balance through loving co-creation.


Root Connection exists to  promote the loving co-creation  of beautiful, functional, and diverse relationships that bring health to individuals, communities, ecosystems, and the biosphere.

Landscape DESIGN & Construction

We work with you to create beautiful, functional, sustainable spaces for you and your guests to enjoy all year.


Jon Dempster

Designer, Horticulturist, Permaculturist, and Contractor

  • Bachelor of Science in Horticulture Research from Oregon State University

  • Permaculture Design Certificate

  • Experience and training in Organic Third Party Certification

  • Training in Ecological and Sustainable Landscape Design

  • Licensed Landscape Contractor
    • LCP #​15866
    • LCB #9702

Lisa Dempster

Soil Scientist, Entomologist, and Administrator

  • Bachelor of Science in Soil Science with a minor in Entomology from Oregon State University

  • Experience and training in Organic Third Party Certification

  • Masters of Science in Sustainable Food Systems

          Jon started his career taking care of people in the health care field. As he progressed through this path, he came to realize that for people to find healing, the planet needed to heal. After having this epiphany, he undertook the study of Horticulture, focusing specifically on organic and ecological methods, at Oregon State University.

          He is a passionate researcher who applies the ethics of permaculture (Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share) to every aspect of his life, including landscape design and construction as he co-creates healing spaces with his local company, Root Connection.

         Lisa has always been passionate about nutrition and fitness. For many years she devoted her time to studying how the human body functions and pursued a career in physical therapy and nutrition. After moving to Corvallis and engaging with professionals in the PT field, she came to the understanding that many diseases and disabling physical conditions  can be prevented by taking care of the soil and developing health and healing from the ground up. This brought about a quick shift in her studies from human sciences to soils and agroecosystems.

          She continued her education in Food System Dynamics and Sustainability with Green Mountain College to better equip herself and Root Connection with tools to bring restoration and healing to individuals and communities on all levels. 

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I've never met anyone who knows how to see the landscape like you. Your understanding of plants and ecological systems is unrivaled.

- Kathy , design and construction client 



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