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Transform bland into brilliant

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Photo by Trisha Krauss

Are you frustrated or feeling stagnation with your landscape? You know that there are changes to be made, but are unsure where to start? We are here to help!

Walking through neighborhoods in the Portland metro area can be very inspiring for us as we are cultivating new ideas to add to our clients' landscapes. While there are many cookie cutter homes and landscapes in these areas, there are also a great deal of brilliant and innovative solutions to common landscape problems.

We like to think of the landscape as an outdoor room or rooms. When you are in your landscape, it should feel like the extension of your home.

Your outdoor spaces should be filled with textures, levels, smells, colors, and sounds.

It should create the same feeling you have after a long day of being on your feet and finally having the opportunity to remove your shoes and sit down.

New design challenges are exciting and we love to customize landscapes to meet the needs of our clients. For many years, we have been encouraging the use of alternative landscaping plants in replacement of the traditional lawn (reducing water requirements, increasing habitat, and soil fertility).

If you are in love with the concept of having a lush green space to enjoy with your children, pets, friends, or family, there are many more ecologically friendly seed mixes that will provide the same functions as a traditional lawn, but with lower maintenance and greater aesthetic appeal!

Let us know what you how you would like to experience in your outdoor space, and we can transform it into your dream landscape!…/reales…/lawn-mowing-gardening.html

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